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FAQ for PrestaShop


If we receive several questions on the same issue, we will add content accordingly.

PrestaShop 1.6.x

Please notice that ePay's payment window only opens in fullscreen if you're using PrestaShop 1.6.x.

This is due to some structural changes in PrestaShop's standard one page checkout process. We are working on solving the issue.

Why does the MD5 validation fail?

If an error occurs in the MD5 validation at accept, you have to find the file: modules/epay/validation.php


if($key != "hash")


if($key != "hash" && $key != "controller")

The MD5 check should now be successful.

Why don't my order ID's match?

When your customer adds products to the shopping cart, PrestaShop creates a cart ID, which is sent to ePay's system as an order ID. When the payment is completed, PrestaShop creates a new order ID - which doesn't match the order ID in ePay.

It's not possible to update the order ID in ePay as it is locked when PrestaShop sends the order information to ePay.

You can find both cart ID and order ID by clicking on an order in PrestaShop.