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How to change the layout of your payment window

It's easy to change the layout of your payment window. There are two ways to change your layout: A simple method, which you can handle from your ePay administration, and an advanced method, which requires a bit of programming, but in return gives you more control.


You can add your own logo to the payment window and write a short text to be shown next to your logo in the payment window. To do so, log in to your ePay administration, and go to Settings -> Payment window.

Please note that the file size cannot exceed 10 MB and that only the formats JPG/JPEG, GIF, and PNG are accepted. The optimum image size is 175 x 71 pixels.


You can override parts of the layout for the payment window by using the parameter cssurl. This requires you to define a valid HTTP or HTTPS address where you've placed your stylesheet.

Download our example of a CSS stylesheet on GitHub here.

Since this method requires some technical insight, you might need to contact your developer.