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The following is a number of recommendations for the use of Fraud Fighter to help you make the most of the system.

Quick configuration

Generally, we recommend these settings:

  • Accept all payments for local country
  • Accept all payments for Scandinavia
  • Accept only secure payments for Sweden – the Swedes are used to 3D Secure
  • Accept only secure payments for everything outside Scandinavia
  • Accept only fully covered 3D Secure transactions for everything outside Europe
  • Notify me if the card issuing country doesn’t match the IP address for all countries/regions
  • Use proxy check for all countries/regions
  • Set an amount limit to activate 3D Secure for all countries/regions. The size of the amount depends on your business; it should be the threshold for what you can afford to lose.
  • Put the alarm at suspected fraud at 2 for all countries/regions

Since all businesses are different, we cannot readily say which settings suit your business. This depends on numerous factors, such as product, amount, number of transaction, and your customers.

When you’ve read these instructions, you’re more than welcome to contact us if you need further information on how to protect your business efficiently with Fraud Fighter.

Fraud's favoured

It is difficult to say anything specific about from which countries and cities credit crad fraud is most likely to occur, because a lot of the fraud moves all the time.

Still, it is our experience that credit card farud is particulary prevalent in African countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast, and you should in general be wary of relying on any payments coming from those countries. You may even want to block some countries under the 'Country Specific Rules' in your ePay administration.

If in doubt, you can take advantage of the many online discussion forums available.

How to spot fraud

When the card issuing country matches the IP address and the delivery address (they are in the same country), we call it a trinity. When these three factors match, it is generally a reliable payment.

But if the trinity doesn’t match, you should be aware.

It would be unusual if a payment with a Danish card is made from a country in Africa – especially if the delivery address is in Africa as well.

However, it’s not always fraud if the trinity doesn’t match:

A Dane on holiday in England could make a purchase in your shop. If the delivery address is Danish, it is probably an honest payment, but if the delivery address is in another country, something might be amiss.

For the above reasons you should always verify if 3D Secure has been used for the transaction (look at the transaction in the ePay administration - please see the image below). Where 3D Secure has been used, the card-issuing bank assumes the risk in the event of fraud, and it is safe for you to ship the goods.

Find the payment in your ePay administration, and click on 'Info' to verify if 3D Secure has been used

Please note that ePay cannot see the delivery address on your orders. You have to find this in your own shop system.

Certain websites can be used to locate a given IP address. For instance, the location is displayed on a map on

Any questions?

If you have any questions or need help regarding Fraud Fighter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.