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Introduction to Fraud Fighter

We all know there’s a significant risk involved when working in e-commerce. All too often, a lost payment card is used to make illegal purchases online, and although consumers are usually insured through their banks, your e-store will find itself in an unfortunate position in the unlucky event of fraud.

Today, only the card holder is reimbursed if a lost or stolen card is used for online fraud, whereas the shop loses both the product and the money (since you have to cover the bank’s loss). In some cases, the bank will even charge you for the costs.

This is why you need to have the highest level of security against fraud – and you’ll get that with Fraud Fighter.

Do you know what 3D Secure means to you?

3D Secure is a collective term for the security standards Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode which are developed by Visa and MasterCard. When your customers use 3D Secure, there is, in most cases, no risk involved for your business in the event of fraud. You do not assume the risk – which you do if 3D Secure hasn’t been used. The card issuing bank assumes the risk when 3D Secure is used, and if your company complies with the legal requirements, you will not receive a chargeback.

We recommend that you use 3D Secure.

Please note that 3D Secure only works with international payment cards. It is not compatible with Dankort.

What is a chargeback?

When card holders discover suspicious transactions on their bank accounts, they’ll usually contact the bank and have the card revoked. The bank will cover the card holders’ loss, and make a chargeback against the company where the purchase was made. The company must then compensate the bank for their loss (the money is charged back from the company to the bank), and in some cases, the bank will charge the company for the costs.

The result is that the company loses both their money and the product.